Sandy Gent


You’ve found the happiness you searched your whole life for… Now what will you do to keep it?

In the sequel to Wedding Day, Sandy Gent takes up the threads of her much-loved characters’ lives as they deal with the fallout from two extraordinary deaths – one a tragic accident, the other a kind of justice. Bestselling author Rob may have found a way to get over the death of his wife, while Sylvia has been liberated from her overbearing husband, and Rebecca is finally united with the love of her life. But hidden within the beautiful Cotswold countryside, forces are at work that threaten to shatter their hard-won happiness. And when a body is found in a local river, Detective Inspector Gareth Wainwright, just weeks from retirement, finds his final case will push him to the edge. As The Fallout from Shadows lures these characters to its gripping climax, one thing is certain: if they survive, none of them will ever be the same.

The Fallout from Shadows